Ultrasonic pest repeller GRAD A-550 US

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Ultrasonic pest repeller GRAD A-550 US

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Mouse and mole repeller "Grad A-550US" is an extremely effective device, guaranteed
to protect your household/house from invasion of mice, rats, moles, and shrews.
If pests have already occupied your household’s territory, several weeks (even days)
will be enough to clear the territory from «intruders». Ultrasonic repeller makes it
impossible for mice, rats, and moles to continue to stay in the protected area, still the
device is absolutely harmless to humans and pets (exceptions are hamsters, pet rats
, and so on)



Large protection range — up to 550 square meters (5,900 sq.ft.). Such an astounding range became possible by virtue of
increasing power of transducer and upgrade algorithm of generating ultrasonic radiation. The device is appropriate for repelling
pests both at large areas, and at small ones. The smaller the area is, the higher effectiveness of the device will be, because then
all of the repeller's power is concentrated on small volume.
Silent operation. Unlike most similar devices, "Grad A-550US" produces no audible sounds! This has to do with the fact the repeller uses ultrasound which doesn't affect people.
The effectiveness of the device doesn’t decrease with time because pests cannot adapt to nonrepeating sequence of ultrasound.
Laboratory experiments on pests show that prolonged exposure to unaltered frequency gradually loses effect on pests and they
stop perceiving it as a signal to escape. However "Grad A-550US" uses unique nonrepeating sequence of ultrasound which has
no addictive effect on mice, rats and moles. Thus the device will protect your territory for many years. Also it works without "blind
spotes", zones where pests can hide.

Coverage Area

Up to 3200 Sq. Ft.





Protection Against

Rat, Rodent

Guaranteed Results

Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant
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