Ultrasonic pest repeller GRAD ULTRA 3D

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Ultrasonic pest repeller GRAD ULTRA 3D

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3 repelling techniques combined together: acoustic, ultrasonic, and optical system
Protection range of up to 1,200 square meters (12,900 sq.ft.) The unique technology of
forming an ultrasound picture based on the natural biorhythms of rodents has no
addictive effect on them. Takes effect immediately after the switching on. 4 operation modes: EXTREME (turbo + optical system), TURBO (acoustic and ultrasonic repelling),  UITE, and QUITE+ Optical system (doesn't affect people) Recommended for professional protection from rodents at large enterprises, warehouses, production facilities, and catering establishments Detailed English manual included



Repeller is effective over the entire room.
It works without "blind spaces", without reducing effectiveness in zones where pests can hide.
Area of application of Grad Ultra 3D is very wide: bakeries, cafes, restaurants and others public catering establishments,
warehouses, industrial premises, country houses and utility rooms.
Repeller should be installed on any horizontal surface or mounted on the wall. The device is usually placed next to the valuable
things that you want to protect or where rodents often appear.
Modes of operation of Grad Ultra 3D:
EXTREME (turbo + optical system) — extremely powerful impact.
TURBO (acoustic and ultrasonic repelling).
SILENT (for utility rooms, storeroom and other small rooms (doesn't affect people)).
SILENT + Optical system (for small industrial premises and catering establishments).

Coverage Area

Up to 3200 Sq. Ft.



Protection Against

Rat, Rodent

Guaranteed Results

Home, Office, Hotel, Lawn & Garden
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