Nitrate tester EcoLifePro 2 NITRATE TESTER

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Nitrate tester EcoLifePro 2 NITRATE TESTER

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produced to measure the quantitative nitrate content (rapid analysis) in fresh
fruits, vegetables, meat, and infant food. The device also can be used as a salimeter
(TDS-meter) that measures the concentration of water-insoluble inorganic impurities (the salts of different metals generally). The nitrates are the nitric acid salts (NO3), contained in the soil and absorbed by the plants. Thanks to their positive influence on the growth of the crop, its fecundity, and the harvest ripening speed, nitrates are widely spread in agriculture.
When getting into the human body, nitrates react with their microflora and transform into
nitrites (NO2). The nitrites are absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestinal tract
and have aggregated with hematoglobulin from methylhemoglobin. Methylhemoglobinis a stable chemical compound that doesn’t transport oxygen. It induces hypoxia, accumulation of lactic acid in tissues, tissue intoxication, and histolysis.


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