Moskitrap Mosquito Trap Outdoor | MM3000 | Cover Up to 40000 sq. ft.


Mosquitoes and other biting insects such as midges, black flies, and no-see-ums are attracted to and captured by this product.

The Moskitrap unique Catalytic Converter turns propane into carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture to imitate human breath.

"Smart Technology" provides five user-friendly digital setting choices, including four fuel-saving settings that help your propane tank last longer.
When the temperature reading is above/below 50°F, it may automatically start/stop.

The new net makes disposal simple and eliminates insect contact.
Cordless. Protects up to 40000 sq.ft. of land, making it ideal for bigger yards.

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Moskitrap Mosquito Trap Outdoor

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Mosquitoes only become active when the temperature outside is 50°F or above, and they are most active at dawn. The Moskitrap Executive trap's Smart Technology lets it to respond to these environmental circumstances automatically, guaranteeing effective mosquito control when it's needed and practically reducing propane and attractant waste.

Coverage Area

Up to 10000 Sq. Ft.





Protection Against

Mosquitos, Flies, Moth

Guaranteed Results

Children Play Area, Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen, Pool, Farmhouse, Public Places
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