Microphone jammer BugHunter DAudio bda-2

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Microphone jammer BugHunter DAudio bda-2

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The model is produced on the basis of the microphone suppressor "BugHunter DAudio
bda-2 Voices", but has a completely redesigned system of suppression (specifically for concealed operation). It suppresses ANY devices with microphones: professional voice recorders, radio microphones, mobile phones, wired, wireless, and directional microphones. The device turns on quickly by pressing one button and no adjustment is required. Supplied with the clutch bag made of genuine leather.

The differences between "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" and its prototype "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices":

1) Absolutely silent operation. The new model is equipped with ultrasound transducers only and doesn't have a built-in audio speaker for speech-like interference. Operating the device does not reveal the work that allows you to use it unnoticed by others.

2) There is no Turbo mode. "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" operates on a different frequency than "BDA-2 Voices" does, therefore, it does not require "Turbo" mode — it always suppresses eavesdropping devices with maximum effectiveness.

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