Moskitrap GW 001 Sticky Fly and Mosquito Catcher | Covers up to 200-300 Sq. Ft. Ideal for Bedroom | Café | Restaurant

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GW001 is a perfect solution for the menace created by Mosquitos and Fly inside your home. 365-400 nm bionic violet light wave enhances the attraction of mosquitoes and other insects  enabling precise pest and Mosquito trapping on the glue pad giving Guaranteed Results in Indoor Spaces like Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Small retail store up to 200-300 sq. ft. coverage 

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Moskitrap GW 001 Sticky Fly and Mosquito Catcher

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Coverage Area

Up to 200 Sq. Ft.





Protection Against

Mosquitos, Flies, Moth

Guaranteed Results

Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Small retail store

Safety Precaution

1.Keep out of reach of children. Children or any person with visual, mental, or physical impairment should only use this unit under the supervision of an adult responsible for their safety.
2.Do not tamper, modify or attempt to repair the plug, cord, or unit. Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or service technician.
3.Ensure that the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet of the correct voltage. The unit voltage is 220- 240V~ 50/60Hz
4.Avoid prolonged eye contact with the light.
5.Keep away from children. Children should be closely supervised if they are in the vicinity of the appliance when it is operating.
6.Do not insert fingers or foreign objects into the appliance at any time.
7.Always disconnect from the electrical supply before emptying the insect container or cleaning the unit with a soft dry cloth.
8.Keep away from all sources of moisture. Do not operate the unit near any water source. Do not expose the unit to moisture or liquid at any time.
9.If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged, it shall be exclusively replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent, or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
10. This appliance not intended for use by persons(including children) with reducing physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
11.Conformity to the appliance provisions of applicable US Federal requirements, including the Performance Standards for Light-Emitting Products, 21 CFR, Part 1040, Chapter 1, Subchapter J, Radiological Health.
12.WARNING: Skin or eye damage may result from directly viewing the light produced by the lamp in this apparatus. Always turn off the lamp before opening this cover.

Installation & Usage

Installation instruction

1. Install Flytrap at a height of 1.8 to 2 meters from the floor, near a plug socket, and avoiding direct sunlight.

2.Drill three holes with 5mm bit, depth 28mm. Insert  swell plastic buttons into the holes (screw hole  facing out)

3. Screw the tapping screws into the wall plugs leaving 5mm of the screw sticking out to hang the fly trap on.

4. Hold the fly trap on both sides and align the mounting holes with the screw and hang the flytrap. Install the covering caps on the top of two screws. 


Usage Instruction

1. Press lock on the panel & unlock it

2.Lift up the front cover at a certain angle, hook the  supporter onto the supporter post

3. Push the handle of the sticky paper holder until the handle makes contact with the electrical box

4. Remove the coating from the new sticky paper, insert it into the sticky paper holder by aiming for the guide slot

5. Pull the handle of the new stick paper holder slowly upwards until you hear the click, Hold the panel and remove the supporter from the post and slowly remove the panel to lock the post

6. Plug the flycatcher and it will start working


Guaranteed  Mosquito Trapping in Indoor Spaces





 Small retail store

200-300 sq. ft. coverage GW001


Salient Features :

- 365 nm UV Bionic light wave to lure mosquitos and Flies onto the sticky paper where they can't escape and easy to trace the results of machine
- Simple product to install and will work perfectly with the surrounding ambiance to enhance the aesthetics
- Covers up to 200-300 Sq. Ft area to protect the surrounding from Flies, Mosquitos, and other insects
- Product works indoors and covered outdoors for best efficiency

- No need for Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Bats, etc. The perfect solution to check the mosquitos problem in your indoor/covered Outdoor Space

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