Alcohol tester Alco Hunter Professional X

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Alcohol tester Alco Hunter Professional X

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AlcoHunter Professional X is an ideal alcohol tester for individuals. Meanwhile, it can be
used at plants with access control due to its perfect measurement accuracy. The measurement result, measurement process, and battery charge level are presented
in the color digital LCD display. The measurement result indicates your condition and cautions if you can’t control a vehicle. Significant improvements are realized in this
model, so it can be treated as one of the best in a similar price category. The device designed and manufactured by Russian engineers of "i4 Technology". High quality is guaranteed.


- Wide measuring range.
- Perfect measurement accuracy.
- Selection of measurement units (permille, BAC%, mg/l).
- Fraud protection.
- Humidity, temperature, and pressure compensation system.
- Multifunctional color LCD display.
- Enlarged operating time without calibration.
- Replaceable mouthpieces are used.


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