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Moskitrap is a one of its kind mosquito trapping, killing and repelling device that offers you permanent and non-toxic freedom for mosquitoes. Our contraption is silent & inconspicuous. It works on electricity and uses upto 5 watts with each use, making this a successful, one-time investment. Here’s what we, at Moskitrap, have to offer:

1. Mosquito Repellent

Cruelty-free, toxic-free, safe, quiet and pleasant our Moskitrap Mosquito Repellant shields your area from insects, pests and mosquitoes by emanating a blend of fragrant essential oils that keep them at bay. The smell is what drives these pests away from the area. The oils come inside a diffuser-like device that can be used 24X7 indoor or outdoor. The device runs on electricity, so there is no fuss about changing batteries or recharging it. This is so safe, it can be used around pregnant women, children and elders with ease.
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Moskitrap Mosquito Trapping Device

Our pleasant looking mosquito trapping device, easily camouflages as a lamp in your outdoor or even indoor area. Whether you have a large farmhouse, a bungalow or a resort or school, Moskitrap covers almost 1 acre of area, drawing mosquitoes within the vicinity and killing them instantly. This device uses a modern-day scientific method to attract mosquitoes to its container box and trapping them.
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Who Can Benefit From Moskitrap

Moskitrap is an excellent investment for those who own/manage:

1. Large resorts, five or seven star hotels, outdoor garden restaurants and cafes
2. Real estate construction sites and offices
3. Bungalows, farmhouses, weekend homes with large open areas
4. Farm-stays, home stays in the outskirts of cities
5. Academic institutions with large, green campuses
6. Agricultural and dairy industries

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The makers of Moskitrap have carefully designed the device, keeping in mind the various dangers of being around flying pests and insects. It is truly a mindful innovation that keeps the mosquito menace at bay and keeps you and your loved ones safe.
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