How It works ?

  • Uv Light

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Powerful Vacuum
    Action Fan

Benefits Of Moskitrap

Safe & Chemical Free

Moskitrap products are chemical fee and are safe for everybody to be around. They don’t emit any chemicals

USB Connection

Most of the product can be powered by USB device for easy use


All the products are handy so can be placed any where for best results as per the requirement


They don’t use any chemicals and harmful substances which can create problems to nature

No Maintenance

There is no maintenance requirement for these devices as they can operate and managed very easily by consumers


The Fan inside are sleek and designed in such a way that they create minimal noise in operational mode

Outstanding Design

The design are amazing for great look in your home. They blend right into the surroundings


  • I ordered Moskitrap product for our garden area as there was great mosquito problem. After installing this in Bangalore house of ours we are super happy as the mosquitos are almost gone. Since the machine takes care lot of area around and so our neighbours saw the benefit as well. they ended up ordering the machines too. I would highly recommend the product.

    - Priya, Bangalore

  • We purchased the machine for our Apartment that was infested with Mosquitos due to farm nearby and we have a small child so using other products like Hit, Allout and goodknight was not possible due the side effects of smell. So we ordered Moskitrap tower Model. I think GM918. We love the product. We keep it on and mosquitos are all trapped in the product and we are able to live peaceful life in our house.

    - Ankur Sharma, Pune

  • We ordered the GM904G for our house. It's a sleek product looks like a showpiece. We loved that it give the right feel and solves our garden purpose. to our surprise it not only product us for mosquitos but also other pest and is highly effective.

    - Harish Chaudary, Nagpur

  • Our farm had lot of pest problem so we ordered GM 928 outdoor machine and we had seen amazing decline in pest. This is a perfect product to get rid of all the problems related to pest. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND it !!!

    - Reena, Amritsar

Why Moskitrap

  • Excellent
    Quality Product
  • 100% Certified
  • Best
    In Service
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